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Yhs Jewels 
About US 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Mission statement:

Empowering students to shine on and off the field, our auxiliary group, The Yulee Jewels, strives to foster a spirit of camaraderie, discipline, and creativity. Through our vibrant performances, community bonding, and leadership opportunities, we aim to inspire pride and school spirit while promoting teamwork, self-expression, and personal growth. By working together with the marching band and school community, we will create unforgettable experiences that celebrate the art of music, dance, and performance, ultimately leaving a lasting legacy of excellence and school spirit. 

Our Story

Our purpose: 



The Yulee Jewels is dedicated to providing a unique and captivating visual element to our marching band performances. We strive to create a sense of energy and excitement through our precise movements, dynamic props, and artistic expression. Our purpose is to enhance the overall experience of the audience, support our fellow band members, and showcase the school's spirit and pride. Through our hard work, teamwork, and dedication, we aim to inspire and entertain, while also developing important life skills such as discipline, communication, and confidence

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